Keep on the Shadowfell -- Remixed

The Adventure Begins...

As our story begins, Venjin al-Sokamji (me), a dragonborn warlord, has come to Winterhaven on a mission. A person he trusts has had a terrible vision, a portent of great evil being worked in the ruins of an ancient keep. He is currently seeking the location of this keep, and has decided to assemble a group of stout, heroic companions—seekers of adventure and glory—to help him wipe out the lurking menace that waits there.

He hired a crier to announce his search to the town, and applicants queued up immediately. Venjin decided not to reveal his larger goal right away, so he told the applicants that he was simply taking it upon himself to rid the countryside around Winterhaven of the kobolds and goblins that plagued it. Eventually, three stalwart adventurers joined the company:

  • Wil, a handsome and fancily attired tale-singer, who is searching for the location described in a tragic poem about a paladin driven to madness and murder.
  • Jett, a water-Genasi swordsman and spellcaster, who is simply looking for adventure and excitement.
  • Moirae, a seer, astrologer, and fortune-teller. She is a “traveler”—a member of a kind of underground society of entertainers, practitioners of exotic crafts, rogues and other off-the-grid types. Until recently, she and her band of fellow travelers had roamed the Nentir Vale, entertaining villagers; but they were attacked by kobolds a few days ago, and only Moirae survived. She is eager to take revenge on the local kobolds.

The group agreed to help Wil look for the keep described in his ancient poem, so we spent some time questioning the villagers of Winterhaven about it. A scholar named Valthruun agreed to search his libraries for information that might help us—in return, he asked us to check up on his friend, Douven Stahl, who was supposed to have returned to Winterhaven by now but was still missing. Douven was an amateur archaeologist, and Valthruun told us where his current dig site was located and sent us on our way.

As we journeyed to the dig site, we were ambushed by kobolds. It was a hard fight, but we prevailed, leaving one kobold alive for interrogation. In short order the kobold revealed that he was part of a large band of kobolds and goblins led by a goblin commander named Irontooth. We decided that we would definitely pay Irontooth a visit, but that it could wait until after we found the missing archaeologist.

Proceeding to the dig site, we found some human laborers supervised by a gnome, and a pair of guard drakes. We inquired about Douven Stahl, but the gnome’s answers were unconvincing and suspicious. Eventually, he set the human rabble on us and combat ensued. Although the drakes were fearsome and vicious, we managed to defeat the enemies handily. We left the gnome alive for questioning, and he told us that he had been commissioned to steal an item from Douven—a valuable silver mirror. He also directed us to where the brigands had tied Douven up and hidden him under a tarp.

I (Venjin) recovered the mirror and took a look at it. It reflected back at me a vision of myself, only dead and decayed; not only that, but it de-buffed my Will defense. We asked the gnome who had hired him to retrieve this obviously cursed item, and he revealed that his client was Bairwyn, the proprietor of “Bairwyn’s Grand Shoppe” in Winterhaven.

That was the end of Session One.



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