Keep on the Shadowfell -- Remixed

In Which Ass Kicking is Planned

Session Two began with us sending Wil into Winterhaven to try and gather some information about Bairwyn, while the rest of us waited in an unused barn outside of town. Eventually, he learned that Bairwyn had purchased the land where his shop now stood from a widow called Old Sarah, after her husband died suddenly. Subsequent inquiries revealed that Old Sarah was not at home, and that no one had seen her around town for a few days. This made us all even more suspicious of Bairwyn, but we weren’t able to learn any more.

We then secured the captured gnome (named Agrid) and marched him back to Winterhaven, where we turned him in to the authorities. We told the gate guards what Agrid had told us about Bairwyn’s alleged involvement in the theft/kidnapping, and Douven backed us up. The situation was passed up to the guard captain, then up to the Lord Mayor himself, Padraig. We were all brought before Padraig, who then summoned Bairwyn, and a sort of perfunctory hearing took place. When it was over, the Lord Mayor threw out our case against Bairwyn due to a lack of any real material evidence, but the gnome was taken off in chains.

We then checked in with Valthruun, who was still researching the keep for us and had no new information yet. To occupy ourselves while we waited, we dressed ourselves as religious pilgrims and set off into the countryside again, hoping to attract the attention of kobold brigands. We barely got outside of town before hearing screams coming from a farmhouse near the road. A quick investigation showed that the front door had been forced open, and there were some human ruffians inside. We broke into the house from the front and back at once, and battled a handful of human thugs who were trying to kidnap the ten-year-old girl who lived there (they had locked up her parents in their bedroom).

Following our usual strategy, we killed them all save their leader, then made him tell us his nefarious plans. He, it turned out, had been commissioned by Bairwyn to acquire the girl as a sacrifice to the demon-lord Orcus. Her parents were to be sold into slavery to a third party. (MEMO TO SELF: Find out who the slavers are.) The leader gave us detailed information about how, where, and when he was supposed to deliver the girl.

Again, we secured the criminal and handed him over to the guards in Winterhaven. This time, the lower-echelon guards hinted to us that they had always been suspicious of Bairwyn, as well. Since we had ended up looking a tiny bit foolish in front of the Mayor last time, we decided not to press the case against Bairwyn personally this time. We just recommended to the guards that they question the ruffian we captured, and let him tell them what he knew about Bairwyn.

At this point, it seemed like everyone who had tried to kill us recently was a friend or employee of the elusive Bairwyn, and we were starting to take it personally. Also, he was apparently sacrificing children to Orcus in his basement, which was also not cool as far as we were concerned. So we began hatching a plan to A) pose as the ruffians delivering the girl, B) gain entrance to Bairwyn’s basement, and C) fuck his shit up.



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