Keep on the Shadowfell -- Remixed

Assault on the Finished Basement of Evil

Having solid suspicions that Bairwyn was conducting Orcus worship, including human sacrifice, in the basement of his Grand Shoppe, we snuck into the alleyway behind it after dark. As it got near midnight, we decided to break in and reconnoiter. Once inside, we used the Orcus medallion we had lifted from the kidnappers at the farmhouse to reveal the entrance to the basement.

Merric sneaked down the stairs to get a look at the layout, then reported what he had found…

Sinister Catholics.

And two skeletons.

We invaded Bairwyn’s chapel, kicked ass, and took names. Then we found a stash of interesting books, some money, and some magic items, which we looted. We also discovered a message to Bairwyn from someone named Kalarel, which we will need to look at again since I don’t remember what it said.

We then took another meeting with Lord Padraig, at which we were very gracious about his not having believed our accusations against Bairwyn. Venjin requested an official sanction for our group’s activities, and Padraig agreed, so we now operate under the auspices of Winterhaven’s government.

Next stop: The hobgoblin Irontooth and his kobold lackeys.



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