Beneath a fancy exterior lies a mildly racist, chain-smoking bastard with a heart of gold.


AC: Dece.

HP: Wimpy.

Reflex: Bad.

Fortitude: Really bad.

Willpower: Stronger than blood and iron.

Surges: Don’t hurt me.

Weapons: Long Sword (rusting in scabbard, possibly made of wood), Whistling Longbow +1

Armor: Chainmail (bedazzled +2 sparklies)

—- Powers:

Majestic Word: Heals you, +10 scrabble points

Jinx Shot: Learned from rare clown school/ninja monastery

Prophesied Strike: Nostradamus will end you.

Bardic Death Ray: Fear the fancy.

I will put the actual stats here later, promise.


coming soon


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