Jett Uisce

A mysterious traveling swordmage


Jett Uisce Pronounced “ooska”, Level 2 Genasi swordmage. Element manifestation – Watersoul

Background Talent- Society Wealthy – +2 to history checks – Bonus feat- Sure Climb Ability Scores- 16 Str, 14 Con, 11 Dex, 18 Int, 10 Wis,10 Cha.

AC:21 Fort:15 Ref:16 Will:14

Trained Skills- Arcana +10, Athletics +10, Endurance +10, History +12

  • Level 1: Elemental Blade Attunement
  • Level 2: Grasping Ensnarement
  • At-will: Aegis of Ensnarement
  • At-will: Booming Blade
  • At-will: Greenflame Blade
  • Encounter: Swift Current
  • Encounter: Flame Cyclone
  • Daily: Whirling Blade
  • Utility: Inspiring Fortitude

Items- Longsword, Adventures Kit, Climbing Kit, 3 Journeybread, Travel Papers, 10 Trail Rations, Gravespawn potion, 50ft silk rope, Wall Leather Armor +1, Amulet of Health +1


Little is known of this fellows sorted past. When ever you ask him about his past he changes subjects and tries to focus on the task at hand so he can move on to the next town as soon as possible.

Jett Uisce

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