Rod of Blasting


Rod of Blasting +1 (Level 3)
This graven rod allows you to target multiple foes with your eldritch blast.
Implement (Rod)
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you use eldritch blast with this implement. Target one or two creatures with the attack.


Pried from the cold, dead fingers of shop-keep and friendly, neighborhood Orcus cult leader Bairwyn, this Rod of Blasting is Moirae’s new toy.

The Rod of Blasting is typically a foot or so long segment of blackened ash, split into a small fork near the business end. In this rod’s case, the fork of wood has been carved into a pair of ram’s horns to venerate Orcus. So while it is not, say, crafted by Orcus’ hand, it is certainly decorated in a way that makes it Orcus-y.

Blasting minions of Orcus with an Orcus Rod of Blasting? Pure Warlock poetry.

Rod of Blasting

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