Armor of Sacrifice


Armor of Sacrifice +1 (Level 5)
These plain robes offer no apparent defensive value, yet they aid your allies when they suffer.
Armor: Chain, Scale, Plate
Enhancement: +1 AC
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. Use this power when you are adjacent to an ally who is subject to an effect that a save can end. The ally is no longer affected, and you now have the effect. You cannot make a saving throw against this effect until the end of your next turn.
Power (Daily • Healing): Minor Action. Spend a healing surge. One ally within 5 squares of you regains hit points as though he or she had spent a healing surge.


Liberated from the shattered bones of one of Bairwyn’s skeleton guards, this plain-looking armor is engraved and embellished with ancient runes on all it’s inside surfaces. The runes reference the ancient dissolved Empire of Nerath and the order of Paladins and Clerics in Bahamut’s service that used to protect it. Such divine warriors were known for their matchless self-sacrifice in the defense of friends and allies.

Armor of Sacrifice

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