WinterhavenWinterhaven is a village at the western edge of the Nentir Vale.

The rutted King’s Road leads to the foot of a broad hill that holds the walled village of Winterhaven. The village is nestled in the southern foothills of the Cairngorm Peaks. The walls are weathered stone topped by defensive palisades.

Small thatched homes stand around Winterhaven, each fronting a small piece of farmland or pasture. Beyond the farms to the west and south lie dark woods, and to the north, tall mountain peaks.

Most residents of Winterhaven have never traveled beyond the village vale. The majority of villagers are farmers, though the walled heart of Winterhaven employs various craftspeople as well. Wagons occasionally head east down the old King’s Road from Winterhaven to find trade with Fallcrest, which lies five days away. Sometimes travelers and merchants come into Winterhaven, causing the villagers to excitedly gather in the Market Square to hear news of the outside world and to buy new and exotic goods.

Leadership: Ernest Padraig, the Lord of Winterhaven, is descended from the noble family that ruled the area under edict of the old empire. Folks around Winterhaven were happy with Lord Padraig’s father’s authority, and they have found answering to the rules of the new lord no more arduous. On the other hand, Padraig doesn’t have absolute power. For instance, he has been unable to raise a force from among the villagers to deal with the kobold problem on the road.

Rond Kelfem, the Guard Captain, commands the Winterhaven Regulars, a core group of twelve soldiers who perform guard and police functions in and around the walled portion of the village. The Regulars patrol in pairs. To augment this force, the Captain can muster a group of about fifty civilians, given a day’s notice. However, he can only do this if the village itself is threatened—the villagers have no desire to patrol the road beyond the farms.

Demographics: The population of Winterhaven is predominantly human, with a scattering of dwarf families, and a handful of individuals of other common races, including a couple of elves. All told, nearly a thousand people live in Winterhaven and the immediately surrounding area.

Economics: Winterhaven is primarily an agricultural village based on barter and trade, though Lord Padraig keeps a monetary system afloat with his own coin. Adventurers should have no trouble purchasing appropriate items for which they have sufficient coin.

  • 1: Outer Gate and Walls. Open by day, closed and barred at night, the outer gate is policed by two guards regardless of the hour. They nod amiably to locals, and point travelers to Wrafton’s Inn. Winterhaven’s walls have a narrow parapet extending around the inside edge. If Winterhaven comes under attack, the Regulars and what militia can be raised from among the civilians guard the walls to stave off the threat.
  • 2: Wrafton’s Inn. Run by Salvana Wrafton, this spacious inn and tavern serves as the public house for the region. Like alehouses everywhere, Wrafton’s Inn offers beer, wine, and, on occasion, spirits. Meals are served for those with the coin, and beds for travelers are available. A crowd of villagers gathers each night to drink, gossip, sing, and play games of chance.
  • 4: Stables. On market days these stables are filled with mounts and other beasts of burden used by sellers to haul wares. Travelers can stable their mounts here for 2 silver per day.
  • 5: Smithy. A dwarf named Thair Coalstriker owns the village smithy. A variety of mundane wares are available for sale here, including spikes, weapons, heavy armor, and so on. Simple weapons are readily available, but military weapons require one day to complete, and superior weapons require a week of work.
  • 6: Valthrun’s Tower. This five-story structure is the highest building in Winterhaven. The tower is rumored to be over 300 years old, and Valthrun the Prescient is its most recent resident. Included in his library are a variety of low level rituals; he is willing to allow adventurers to copy them for a small fee, provided that Valthrun believes the buyer is properly equipped to understand them.
  • 7: Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe. Bairwin Wildarson traveled the world, or so he claims, before setting up shop in Winterhaven ten years ago. He has a variety of items available for sale, mostly general goods and supplies for the inhabitants of Winterhaven. He has since been uncovered as an Agent of Orcus and brought to justice (i.e. slaughtered horrifically) for his misdeeds against Winterhaven and it’s people.
  • 8: Warrior Guild. Winterhaven Villagers can join the Warrior Guild and train, once per week, in basic sword and shield skills. The guild trains in the Market Square on days when the market is not open. Some citizens earn militia pay (a few silver pieces per year) by training at least once per month and being on call for emergencies. Rond Kelfem oversees the Warrior Guild and can be found either here or on guard duty depending on the time of day.
  • 10: Temple. This large stone structure is the village temple. Of the several deities worshiped by locals, Avandra, goddess of luck and change, is the most prominent. The temple priest, Sister Linora, runs services in the temple twice a week, but otherwise she is not often present. She prefers to travel among the homes outside the walls, dispensing care to villagers and animals and helping with various farm projects. While not an adventurer, she is a priest of Avandra and knows the following rituals: gentle repose, cure disease, and raise dead. Winterhaven has a graveyard for which Sister Linora serves as caretaker. The graveyard is located a short distance south of the walled town.
  • 11: Inner Gate. This gate is closed and guarded by two Winterhaven guards during the daytime. They sternly regard anyone who approaches and question all who wish to visit Lord Padraig in his manor without an appointment. Inside the inner compound is a locked building that stores a few weeks’ basic food and water supplies, meant to feed the Manor and any villagers taking refuge inside the compound during a siege. Also inside the compound is the barracks that houses the Winterhaven guards.
  • 14: Manor House. This grand manor home was built when Winterhaven was an outpost of the Nerath Empire. Staffed by five servants, the manor house where Lord Padraig, his wife, and their four sons live is a beautiful example of stone architecture in a village otherwise composed of thatch and wood.


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